• Benefits of Chelation Therapy

    • Improved circulation
    • Reduction of liver produced cholesterol
    • Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics
    • Reduced high blood pressure
    • Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias
    • Relief from leg muscle cramps
    • Reduction in allergic symptoms
    • Normalized weight
    • Improved psychological and emotional status
    • Enhanced sensory performance
    • Fewer excessive heart contractions
    • Lessened varicose vein pigmentation
    • Lightened age spots
    • Fewer aches and pains - arthritic and otherwise
    • Less reliance on pain medication
    • Hair loss stopped and reversed
    • Reversal of impotence
    • Alzheimer symptoms reversed

EECP Therapy

  1. EECP Therapy | EECP treatment Chennai, India
    EECP Therapy is safest, non surgical, U.S. FDA approved treatment for chest pain (angina) and heart failure


  1. There are a rising number of patients who have persistent anginal symptoms, who have already done the standard treatments for revascularization (bypass surgery or angioplasty stenting) and remain severely restricted. Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) may stimulate the openings or formation of collaterals (small branches of blood vessels) to create a natural bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries.

    Who is FIT for EECP therapy - 1)Have chronic stable angina ,2)Are not receiving adequate relief from angina by taking nitrates, 3)Do not qualify as a candidate for invasive procedures (bypass surgery, angioplasty, or stenting) , 4) Symptoms have returned after having a bypass,balloon angioplasty or other invasive procedures. 5)Those who cannot afford the cost of bypass surgery, 6)Patient who wish to improve cardiovascular health and fitness                                                                                 

    The efficacy of EECP in treating angina and heart failure has been demonstrated in many clinical studies and it is widely accepted in western countries. The beneficial effects are maintained over a period of 4 to 5 years.
    The patient has to undergo 35 one hour sessions. Eventually, minute blood vessels or dormant collaterals open up and the portion of the heart which was been starved of blood because of blocked arteries, starts receiving blood. This treatment is now called “a natural bypass” in the U.S. With the heart getting adequate blood supply, the chest pain disappears, heart function and the quality of life improves.

    The treatment works in different areas of the blood circulation where Bypass surgery and Angioplasty cannot access.

    What happens during EECP treatment?

    EECP Therapy 3

    EECP Therapy is a non-invasive, outpatient therapy.
    EECP Therapy uses a proprietary treatment system to inflate and deflate a series of pneumatic cuffs enclosing the lower extremities. Treatment is administered on a padded table in which three sets of electronically controlled inflation and deflation valves are located. These valves are connected to specially designed adjustable cuffs that are wrapped around the patient’s calves, lower thighs, and buttocks. Significant pressure is applied to the arteries and veins at relatively low air pressures. Timing for inflation and deflation is regulated by running ECG signals through a microprocessor that monitors safety and precision. By timing the inflation and deflation sequence to the patient’s cardiac cycle, there is an increase in diastolic aortic pressure, thereby increasing coronary perfusion pressure.
    There are numerous other benefits, since having counter pulsation is like adding a second heart to the body. Increased blood flow occurs in the brain, kidneys, intestines, and all other parts of the body. Complex hormonal interactions are stimulated, resulting in improved kidney function, lowering of blood pressure, increased energy, endurance, and sense of well-being. Patients with stroke have experienced much quicker improvement than would otherwise occur.
    Medications used for treating chest pain as well as high blood pressure may be reduced and sometimes completely eliminated. EECP Therapy is also effective in boosting athletic performance, providing a complete, passive cardiovascular workout, reducing lactic acid buildup and increasing blood and lymph flow in muscles.

Chelation Protocol
Treatments done 2x per wk, 30 in total
Administered over 3hrs with IV drip
85% of patients report excellent results